How to write a nursing research paper

A research paper is a long essay presenting a personal argument, evaluation or interpretation of a subject but based on study information by experts.

Steps To Write a Nursing Research Paper

The basics of writing research assignment are the same, and there is no reason for nursing students to get a feeling of intimation.  This step by step process helps to write an excellent draft.

  1. Choose the right topic

Find an interesting topic that gives you motivation to research and writing if you get the opportunity to make a choice.  A few professors decide to choose the topic for their students. The same subject will be broad, and it is helpful to narrow it till you get a specific focus with particular parameters.

For instance, if the topic is an addiction you can narrow it to the “management of addiction in adolescents.”

  1. Find information from various sources.

A research paper as the name implies relies mostly on research.  It is essential to find the best sources of citing the writing before starting to write. Students often get a temptation to use similar sources in papers and news articles.  The best place to get information for this task is primary sources including:

  • Journals
  • Books and periodicals
  • Encyclopedia, databases, and almanacs
  • Newspapers
  • Government reports and publications

Carefully read and evaluate the most valuable information while taking notes. Remember to keep track of the references materials as you will net them for citation and bibliography.

  1. Create a thesis statement

A thesis statement is a sentence that informs the readers about the content to find in a research paper in a summarized form of the central and supporting points.

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  1. Develop Outline

An outline is a framework within which to fit information that supports the thesis statement in the form of sub-headings.  Fix your points under each sub-topic.

An outline of a research paper comprises of the following:

  • A title page
  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • A manuscript body of the paper comprising of:
  1. materials and methods
  2. Results of research
  3. Discussion of the findings and conclusion
  • Reference
  • Tables, figures, appendix (optional)
  1. Write A Nursing Research Paper Draft

A thesis statement and outline before this stage will help you to have a clear direction in presenting the ideas. When writing the body of your research paper ensures that you organize it in these three essential parts.


Presents a background of the topic, general information on the subject and informs the topic to the reader in an engaging opening sentence. A thesis statement should close the introduction stating the main idea in a sentence or two.


 Fill the body the body with statements that support the thesis statement while following the structure in the outline. You can change but only if it is essential.


A conclusion wraps up the research paper mostly by restating the thesis statement but in different wording. Summarize the points in the body, and few words explain the reason for believing that the support your claim on the matter.  Take a moment to point out the reason for believing that a topic requires more research if yours is inconclusive.

  1. Write the reference page

This is the last page in a research paper listing all sources in the project for readers to find what an in-text citation quickly.

You can make a lot of mistakes when writing. Do not submit your paper before revising and editing. Go beyond fixing typos to check the clarity of the thesis statement, an organization of the paper, coherence, and credibility of the arguments in supporting the thesis. Also, check if the citation is in order and test plagiarism.

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