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Our Agreement to the customer’s Agency

  • NursingCaseStudy.Org is an agency with professional writers and sell original case study papers to customers. The customer will order with us and it is our duty to connect him or her to a qualified writer to do the work within the specified period of time.
  • We do reserve the right to accept an order or refuse an order at our discretion and do money refund to the customer.
  • We state our illustrative prices and the delivery time on our website if a client is not comfortable with, the agency will do money refund to them if they were payment of the order already.
  • Also, if a customer is not satisfied with the quality delivered, we will provide available remedies as stated in this agreement.
  • Clients are not allowed to contact the expert directly as we are the immediate intermediaries between the client and the expert writer.

Term of appointment

  • Once we find a suitable writer to complete the order of the customer our agreement with the customer commences and we get payment from the client (the “Commencement Date”)
  • The agreement stated above will exit until the time the revision period expires that is if none of the parties will terminate it earlier
  • And if one of the parties terminates the requirements that will succeed include, plagiarism, Data Protection, Paid Amendments and Refunds and Upfront Payment and Copyright.

Agency services

  • Nursing case study finds the most suitable who has a high educational level in the nursing field to write the customer’ s paper so as to get a quality paper.
  • We take time to determine the writer to do a customers’ order by considering a number of factors, for example, the existing quality level of the writers’ earlier papers, and the experience in the writing profession.
  • As soon as we have found and allocated a specific writer to the customer and we have received payment of the order, the client is required to accept that the order has been given and he or she is not going to ask for money refund.
  • If may any chance that we accept deposit from the customer, the remaining balance should be paid within 24 hours before the due date else the delivery of the paper may be delayed until it is paid in full as by this agreement.


  • We expect that a customer will provide us with exact information about the order and make sure that the details are accurate and precise.
  • In order to deliver a quality paper that matches a competent writing company we fully cooperate with our customers using reasonable skills and care. The customer helps us in the writing process by providing us with relevant order information in the beginning of the writing engagement and expected to cooperate during the writing process since our writers may need clarification or further instruction.
  • A client acknowledges that neglecting to manage the essayist or give data amid our transaction may cause a postponed conveyance of the Work. We won’t be in charge of any subsequent harm or misfortune. For such cases, the certification for ‘Fruition on Schedule’ does not have any significant bearing.

Approvals and Authority

  • When our author or we require affirming specific subtleties, utilize the telephone number or email address they gave.
  • The client recognizes that we expect they created the guidelines we get through these strategies for correspondence and acknowledge them.

Plagiarism-“No Plagiarism Guarantee”

  • A full correction or unconditional promise applies if a client will recognize plagiarism in the conveyed work.
  • When a client recognizes plagiarism, the author will be in charge of it.

Plagiarism infringement incorporates occasions when writers:

  1. Pass off somebody’s words as theirs
  2. Give thoughts to another person as their considerations
  3. Rewrite a source while as yet holding the first thoughts in it without giving the proper credit
  4. Fail to incorporate a statement for quotes
  5. Copy extensive areas of thoughts or words from another person’s work regardless of whether they use quotes or give credit.
  6. Give incorrect information about a source of a quote. For example, cite a source found and utilized by the real author of the report that they do not have.
  7. Change the wording but copies entire sentence structure of a source but does not give credit
  • If there is a contradiction on whether client discoveries are genuinely plagiarism, we will audit the work cautiously, take a look at all the conditions and if important, we allude to a more experienced writer. For such conditions, our choice is conclusive.
  • In all situations where a Client explicitly requires an author to fuse material that we consider to be plagiarism, we don’t acknowledge asserts about copied work.
  • In all instances of minor written falsification, or when it is clear that piracy happened unwillingly, NursingCaseStudy.Org will audit the work cautiously; think about all the pertinent conditions and our history with the essayist. In the event that we think it is important, we may allude to an expert. In such cases, our choice on whether we will issue a discount or not is conclusive.
  • Money back certification does not have any significant bearing in the conditions where we distinguish literary theft and illuminate the client about it before we get a grievance. Rather, we will modify the work.
  • We concurred that the author in charge of plagiarism will update the paper and is obligated for our activity, for example, a punishment fine or we end their commitment. Our restorative measures are to help the client to recover a change or cash. On the off chance that we are holding a whole of cash because of the author, we hold them until he/she revamps the work as per the general desire of the influenced client. In the event that we are obliged to discount, the creator does not get pay for the work, and we can utilize their different income in our ownership to pay into court in the event that we become associated with prosecution.

Delivery- “Completion On-time Guarantee”

NursingCaseStudy.Org consents to encourage work delivery by midnight on a due date. With the end goal of convenient assurance, we set the applicable due date when we appoint a request to a specialist. We ensure that we complete and deliver all work on schedule. In the event that we come up short, our client gets a full discount, despite everything we send the work free.

A refund isn’t expected in these exemptions:

  • The due date falls on a non-working day (e.g., Christmas, Boxing and New Year’s Day or a Bank occasion). For this situation, we deliver work before midnight of the next day.
  • When we concur with the client on a variety to the due date
  • Lateness brought about by specialized issues by outsiders or different factors outside our ability to control. These incorporate however not constrained to the issues brought about by Database Programming, the Web, Mail Record and Facilitating suppliers. NursingCaseStudy.Org will on solicitation give evidence of specialized issues under our obligation or those given by our outsider temporary workers.
  • Illness or demise of an author or a nearby individual from the family
  • The client neglects to get the work on the due date yet does not get in touch with us through our Client Control Board or telephone on the day after due date or non-working occasion for our client agents to give an answer on the most proficient method to get the work.
  • If clients choose to take longer before advising us about non-got work, it is at their hazard, and we won’t acknowledge risk for the postponement. Upon solicitation, we will give verification that our essayist finished the work and we transferred on schedule or that we sent the request on schedule. We can likewise give proof of specialized troubles, sickness or passing of a specialist. In the event that there is proof for one of these reasons, the client does not have appropriate to request a discount or rebate. We embrace to give a full discount and convey free work if there is no verification that one of the high events. Clients concur that there is no other explanation to look for a discount for the conveyance issues.
  • NursingCaseStudy.Org has no commitments about ‘COMPLETION ON TIME GUARANTEE’ if activities by a client are in charge of the delivery delay. Such activities incorporate an inability to pay remarkable funds receivable for this request, sending in extra data after the author begins taking a shot at the request or changing a few components of request directions. Postponements by a client can make us change the due date contingent upon the degree of deferral without actuating the certification for the one-time finish.
  • A customer concurs with the essayist on ‘ staggered delivery.’ Here, on-time delivery implies the last delivery date for the request however not the delivery of single parts.

Changes to Work in Progress

  • The client can’t request a solicitation for changes to arrange determination in the wake of paying everything or a deposit, and we have effectively doled out it to a specialist.
  • A client can furnish a specialist with extra data not long after we acknowledge a deposit of full installment given that it doesn’t strife or add to the details in the first request particular.
  • At our carefulness, we can alter the value statement of a remedy in the wake of getting a deposit or full installment if a client furnishes extra data that generously clashes with unique particulars or reassigns it to another author without counseling the customer. The concerned client ought to comprehend that this activity may cause a postponement in delivering the work for which we don’t assume liability. Completion on Time Guarantee isn’t payable under these conditions.

Amendments to Completed Orders

  • NursingCaseStudy.Org enables clients to request free changes to their requests in the event that they trust that the work does not meet their exact guidelines or certifications on our site. Solicitation for correction must be within7 days of delivery date yet can be longer if a client explicitly pays to broaden this period.
  • A client is permitted to make one correction demand through our Client Control Board with details of the fundamental revisions. A specialist will take a look at the application and make remarks. In the event that the solicitation is reasonable, the expert will alter and send the work within 24 hours. A specialist can request more opportunity to finish the changes. A client has the authority to concede or deny the solicitation.
  • If our specialists don’t concur with a correction demand, they get a chance to make their remarks. On the off chance that the client and the expert fail to concur, we call upon the quality control group to survey the question. The judgment they make is reasonable and last. They may choose to locate another expert to evaluate the issue. The choice by this expert is authoritative to the two parties.
  • If a specialist does not completely consent to a sensible solicitation for corrections, we enable the client to make another solicitation for further change until it meets the necessities.
  • If a customer demands for alterations outside the stipulated time or the required changes surpass the particular in the first request, the writers can at their discretion give another statement for finishing changes. The client can acknowledge or deny the new cost. A customer needs to make extra installments before the writer begins composing the additional work.

Data protection

NursingCaseStudy.Org has confidence in information and data protection. We work under these rules:

  • A client acknowledges that we may store the details they give while submitting a request and doing payment in our protected database on the understanding that we to can impart them to third parties to secure payment and improving services. The third parties included can contact the client every now and then.
  • We submit not to reveal individual data given by the clients except:

1. To meet the above points

2. Fulfill prerequisites by a lawful authority

3. Pursue deceitful transactions

Discover more data on our protection approach from our site. You can likewise get a duplicate on solicitation.


  • We charge a commission for our service; the writers charge for their services while VAT charges show up a total sum on our site.
  • If a client requires work Correction in a way that regards conflicting with the first detail, we forward them to a specialist to set another rate and we will figure the services charge accordingly.

Value Added Tax

NursingCaseStudy.Org incorporates VAT where appropriate in our cited costs at the overall rate every once in a while.

Terms of Payment

  • We contact clients to make their payment in the wake of finding a reasonably qualified writer to attempt their requests except if somebody paid while submitting a request.
  • If at our discretion, we acknowledge a deposit as opposed to full payment an incentive for the request, a client concurs that all out equalization stays remarkable and must be cleared before the due date for the work.
  • A client may proceed or drop a request whenever before paying a deposit or full sum for us to appoint the request to an author. After a customer makes payment for our doled-out author to start taking a shot at it, we can’t drop a request or discount payment.
  • A client acknowledges to comply with our return policies and concedes that because of the individual and profoundly concentrated nature of our services, we can just give full discounts in the conditions we outline in these terms or some other unanticipated conditions. We keep up the circumspection to give a discount or markdown.
  • These terms of services ought to be perused subject to payment in Up Front terms on (section 13 of this Agreement).

Payment up Front

  • We can welcome the client to pay for a request before we formally secure a specialist writer for the work.
  • Our undertaking isn’t to take any payment ahead of time except if we are sensibly certain of verifying a specialist to finish the work.
  • We can’t ensure to verify an appropriate author to finish the work for a client who chooses to make a payment ahead of time before we secure a writer.
  • In the situation where the client makes a forthright payment, and we are unfit to acquire a specialist for finishing the work, we will offer a full discount.



  • If NursingCaseStudy.Org consents to full or halfway refund, we just make it using the debit or credit card that a client used when making the Payments. In the event that the customer did not use such a card and paid by implied such direct deposit into our financial balance’s, we offer the client a decision of discounting through our bank or hold in as forthright credit for a future request. It is our full discretion to make any refund.


The client ought to acknowledge that:

  • Obtaining the work provided through our writing services does not give copyright.
  • Authors Agency, our workers, and writers don’t overlook literary theft, and we claim all authority to refuse any assistance to those we think of such conduct.
  • We offer services finding reasonably qualified specialists to give free, customized research and writing to help understudies in learning and propelling their instructive models, and that work provided through us isn’t for clients to go as their very own or any other person’s nor turn to some extent or entire of it as their own. Furthermore, clients attempt to halt from the unapproved conveyance, resale or show of the work and consent to deal with it in manners the completely regard the way that no client holds the copyright to our examination work.
  • If we presume that an individual is utilizing our papers or materials infringing upon any or all the above guidelines, we reserve an option to will not do any further work for him or included association. We don’t bear the risk for such unapproved or undetected use.
  • We make a deal to avoid exchanging or disperse all work provided through our services after its finish for payment or generally after. We additionally embrace not to place such chip away at any article bank or site.

Level requested guarantee

  • If the last item comes up short to meet the grade requested class, our custom gets a full refund.
  • The above guarantee is legitimate for 90 days starting on the last date of a correction period.
  • For the request that clients place at the first level, we guarantee of the first standard. We won’t refund any cash if the work achieves the level.
  • We just guarantee the evaluations above teaming up with our clients in changing their solicitations as we don’t ensure these evaluations on the primary conveyance to the clients. We subject the last form to this assurance.
  • When a customer wishes to question the nature of our work under this assurance, we request believable proof. We request a duplicate of the work that the understudy submitted and the input by the pertinent guide.
  • We acknowledge grumblings raised and substantiated within 3 months of the delivery date for the corrected request for a client to get the full refund. We give a credit voucher worth 66% the estimation of the request if a customer raises a grumbling after the 90 days
  • We will cautiously audit all supporting proof about the refund guarantee and evaluate every one of the conditions before alluding them to qualified specialists on the off chance that it is vital.
  • A client having any proof that our work does not satisfy the quality standard altogether, the state of this understanding it is drawn out into the open quickly for our thought when achieving the choice. We treat all such proof with absolute confidentiality.
  • We won’t issue a refund in the event that we set up that demands that the client made in the requested particular including correspondence and revision decreased the nature of appointed work to beneath the required quality standard as almost certainly, the work would have fulfilled the standards.
  • No refund is expected in the event that we discover that a client made the work be beneath the arranged quality standard by giving a request determination that was available to equivocalness or elucidation.
  • If the work is underneath the arranged quality standard for with respect to module, course or task standards yet the client gave deficient or distinctive directions from the full errand necessities, we don’t issue any refund.
  • For all cases, the choice by NursingCasestudy.Org is conclusive however will furnish the client with itemized data on how we achieved our choice including a duplicate of the report by our appointed expert where applicable.

Final Mark Awarded

  • A client should pass the work as his or her own as nobody holds the copyright to work so this will abuse our terms of use.
  • On the quality of above, clients acknowledge that the nature of their arranged papers does not ensure the marks a lecturer will remunerate as they will use our work for research and present their work that does not deliver a guarantee of the last degree mark.


  • NursingCaseStudy writers Department working hours are 9 am to 9 pm Monday to Friday and 10 am-6 pm on Saturday and Sunday. We don’t open on Non-Working Days as announced previously. We may choose an ordinary working day will be a Non-Working day by putting and educate our client through a notice on our service site. Any help or services we offer on, for example, the day is at our caution.
  • The prevalence of our services keeps us from dependably manages email and phone bolster demands instantly, however, we vow to attempt all endeavors to react to client demands thoroughly and take care of pressing solicitation right away.
  • It is at their hazard that the customers depend on research gave through our support of the degree that a postponed delivery may make them miss due dates. NursingCaseStudy.Org, its workers, and specialists on our books are not obligated for previously mentioned late delivery aside from that which is given by our terms.
  • All views communicated by NursingCaseStudy.Org writers’ Department, representatives and specialists in our books about the use of our services are suppositions and not exhortation. Similarly, we have not supported perspectives communicated by our advertising specialists and different associates, in this way, are not an exact impression of our policies and regulations.
  • Our clients must check the rules and principles of their colleges before they request our papers to fulfill their prerequisites and those of their individual organizations. Our client recognizes that any choice to use our exploration services is made on individual activity and concurs that we, our representatives and specialists on our services are not subject for choices to utilize our services that might be in rupture or against of rules, principles, and guidelines of their foundations.
  • All our services are liable to accessibility, and we give work carefully to writing help henceforth does not comprise proficient exhortation.
  • We endeavor every one of the endeavors to finish completely redid and precise work yet mistakes can happen on specific events.NursingCaseStudy.Org, our representatives and consultancy specialists, will not be considered responsible. These terms permit free corrections and a discretionary markdown to amend such events.
  • It is a break of copyright for clients to turn in the work we supply as their own, either to some extent or entirety. Such a demonstration relinquishes all their privilege under these terms of service. We additionally have the choice to initiate further activity following such an occasion.
  • We reserve an option to deny a request or going into concurrence with a client and this booking applies to all terms in this understanding.
  • We claim an authority to decay to proceed with a request in the event that we discover any reason demonstrating that client will use provided work in a way that negates these terms or our Reasonable Use Strategy.
  • These Terms &Conditions are proposed to tie the two parties from beginning date legitimately.
  • These terms speak to the whole understanding existing among NursingCaseStudy.Org and the client from the initiation date. They supplant and override any first oral or composed understandings, understandings or representations.
  • All parties go into a consent to bind a specialist for research services to affirm that they do this by picturing explicitly coordinated to these terms.
  • For motivations behind Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act, the concerned parties don’t and don’t mean to permit different people who are not part of their understanding a privilege to authorize any of the arrangements.
  • The execution, legitimacy, and development of any understanding between parties will be represented by the nation’s law and will be liable to a selective locale of the state’s courts to which these parties submit.
  • If a provision of an understanding between the client and us is illegal or a court makes a decision about it to be unlawful, unenforceable or void, the arrangement will be expelled from the agreement. We will render it to be ineffectual without altering the rest of the arrangements of an understanding and will not uphold or approve the agreement in some other conditions.

Promotional Email Campaigns

  • We offer instruction relates items, for example, past papers, counterfeiting plagiarism software, editing, and stamping services.
  • When you give your contact details to use, we think of it as agree to get in touch with you by email, mail, telephone, SMS/MMS and fax to educate you about any services, merchandise or advancement that might be of your advantage except if you object to getting such messages.
  • As we state in our Data Protection Notice, we don’t send in excess of four promoting correspondences a month and for all intents and purposes once in a while send multiple.

Also read on : Fair Use Policy and Privacy Policy


In order to protect our customers’ rights and security, we guarantee the following:
High quality papers and non-plagiarised.

Free paper revision.

Timely delivery.

Consistent customer contact and support.

Top customer privacy and confidentiality.

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