We are glad you are using As you order with us, we have to collect and process personal information and data about you in order to enable us to effectively provide you with our case study writing services. This process may involve the sharing and transfer of your personal data to third parties hence this privacy policy Explains how we will use, handle and process your information and also describe how you will exercise your rights if your privacy is violated.

General provision

Our core purpose is to provide you with quality case study services and in order to ease this process we gather your personal information and accurate data is desired and this is meant for communication purpose.

We recognize the EU data protection and registered with the general data protection regulation (GDPR) where we exist as a controller determining the purpose and means of processing your personal data. We as the controller are responsible for all our clients’ personal information that they have given to us.

We always ensure that your data and personal information that you give us is protected since we understand our role well. And in case you need any clarification concerning this privacy policy please do not hesitate to contact us.


We do not accept personal information and data from underage children that are children below the age of 15. Any under 15 years information is automatically deleted from our system on recognition. This means that if you are below the age of 15, we kindly ask you not to send us any of your details and if you you’re out there and believe that we are having information a minor feel free to contact us so we can act upon.

Types of information we collect About you

As we gather for information, we always keep in mind the existing legal policies relating to the privacy policy and security. To our clients, the kind of personal data that we can collect from you include the following

  • Contact information: that is your user name, email address, and mobile contact
  • Profile information: Includes contact information and academic level
  • Payment information: we always maintain the payment method that you use.
  • Your order: we retain your order details as long as your account is still active.

How long we can keep your information

We always get rid of your information when your account with us seizes to be active, but as long as your profile is still active, we will maintain your information for communication purpose and finally, we have to delete your information when we have already done your contract with us.

Use of Cookies

It is upon you either to set your computer to accept or block cookies via your browser, our website though will not work effectively if you deny cookies.

Links to other websites.

We are not concerned about the security and privacy of other sites that may have their links on our site website. If you not sure or do not trust the link on our website you are free to contact us, you can send us an email, call or contact our live chat support team.

Also read on : Fair Use Policy and Terms of Use


In order to protect our customers’ rights and security, we guarantee the following:
High quality papers and non-plagiarised.

Free paper revision.

Timely delivery.

Consistent customer contact and support.

Top customer privacy and confidentiality.

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